Brizzler were formed in 2013 with an aim of not being just another covers band but to create a real party atmosphere wherever we play. We carefully select songs that we know people want                              to hear with a mixture of Rock, Pop, Disco, Soul, Ska, Blues, Metal and even a bit of Punk. We guarantee to get the even the biggest chin-strokers dancing.

Sophie 1.jpg

Sophie - Vocals

​Phew! What a whirlwind. Sophie has been a professional singer all her life and toured with the likes of Sam Cooke, Buddy Holly and The Crickets and Ray Charles. Yes, she looks good for her age!

Si - Vocals

Simon has been singing in bands for over 30 years. He has extensive studio and live experience covering pubs; weddings and corporate events. He's an all round entertainer who will definitely add that touch of sparkle to any performance.

Gaz 3.jpg

Gaz - Drums

Gaz has played drums since the age of eleven, his biggest influences being Keith Moon and Gene Krupa. He's been in several bands over the years,the first one being with bass player Ant whilst at school.  He gets a real buzz out of playing live and is (as is the norm with drummers) the joker of the band.

Dave 1.jpg

Dave - Lead Guitar

Dave, the guitar wizard,  has been playing 40 years. His previous bands include Steel water and Spartan. It has been rumored that, when he was young,  he met the Devil at the crossroads who gave him his talent in exchange for his good looks.

Ant 1.jpg

Ant - Bass

​Ant has been playing Bass on and off for 35 years. His previous bands include Deck Chair Affair, Bad Sister Angel and various covers bands. Currently working for BBC Radio 1 he is a Sound Engineer by profession and has worked with various artists including Emerson Lake & Palmer, U2, The KLF, D:Ream & Apollo 440.

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